Common Services Covered Under a Typical Roofing Warranty

March 25, 2020 at 12:53 am

If you are receiving a new roof or roofing repairs in Long Beach, one of the common questions that you may have for your roofing contractor is what is covered under your roof warranty. Your roofing warranty typically includes a series of guarantees:

Manufacturer Warranties

After you receive a roof repair, the manufacturer that produce the products that were used in the repair will often back up the material type. A shingle manufacturer for example will have a life expectancy on their products as long as they are regularly maintained and properly installed. If defective materials are discovered, your manufacturer may pay for the roofing contractor to come back and replace the product.

Contractor’s Workmanship Guarantee

A roofing repair specialist in Long Beach will often provide a workmanship guarantee. These types of warranties vary in length depending on the contractor but most guarantee their work for at least six months after the work has taken place.

Installation Defects

Installation defects are another warranty that included by a contractor. This is an extension of the workmanship guarantee. Installation defects are often covered over a longer period of time than the initial workmanship warranty. This can provide you with support if the contractor recognizes there were defects during the installation due to an inexperienced installer or in perfect conditions for the installation process.

Be sure to work with only a reputable roofing contractor if you are seeking a roof installation or roofing repair in Long Beach. Working with an experienced roofing contractor will make sure you can qualify for a series of common roofing warranties and that you will find a company that’s willing to stand behind its work wholeheartedly. By finding a roofing contractor with experience you can have a lesser chance of having to use one of these warranties as well!

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