Do You Need Rooftop Repair Services?

If your home has fallen into disrepair and you are in need of high quality rooftop repair services, it is important to consider working with a service that can find and fix leaks within your roof. Having a persistent leak or problem with your roof could eventually lead to other repair issues in the future. Here are several signs to check for to determine whether you need professional rooftop repair services.

Checking for Upturned Shingles

When shingles are upturned and out of their original shape there is a good chance that there is some type of roof penetration that has occurred in the area. Sometimes the actual leak can be a few feet to the left or the right, but shingles that are upturned can be an excellent first sign.

Checking the Vapor Barrier

Water often runs through areas and openings within the vapor barrier and this can lead to water coming down through light fixtures. Any good roofing professional will check through the vapor barrier in your attic to spot the signs of flow stains along the plastic. This can also lead to wood rot, which is a definite sign that repair is needed.

Roof Vents and Dormers

Areas around your dormers and roof floor vents can often be troublesome spots where you can see signs of leakage over time. By caulking in these areas and preventing water penetration it’s possible to seal up a variety of leaks with the help of a roofing professional. With a fix for roof vents, you can be in a much better position for keeping your roof looking its best.

Soaking the Roof and Using Test Paper

By attaching a small layer of test paper and then soaking the roof down with the hose, it can be much easier to determine spots were there could be leaks. This type of testing can often be an excellent way to enhance rooftop repair services and find the source of leaks quickly.

If you are enlisting the help of rooftop repair services, contact us today. We can make sure that we can address any type of rooftop repair by finding difficult leaks and making the repair process simple. We service the entire Southern California area, including Los Angeles and Orange County. We want to fix roof leaks with the best in rooftop repair practices.

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