Common Things Homeowners Do That Lead to Roof Damage

April 15, 2020 at 2:05 am

UPDATED: November 3, 2022

If you want to make sure you are taking good care of your roof in Signal Hill, it is likely that as a homeowner, you want to carry out regular roof maintenance. There are a number of things that the average homeowner can do that will eventually lead to the need for roof repair. If you want to enjoy the longest lifespan out of your roof and prevent damage, here are some top things you can avoid with your roof according to roofing experts in Long Beach.

Hanging Up Basketball Hoops

Hanging a basketball hoop from the side of your home can often lead to leaks and extra strain on your roof. Installing a hoop to a freestanding pole away from your home can be a far better option for preventing strain on your roofing materials.

Installing a Satellite Dish

Installing a home satellite dish can also put extra strain on your roofing materials. Even with a professional installer, a satellite technician is not a roofing expert. Using an under eave bracket is the only safe way to install a dish without weakening your roof.

Power Washing on the Roof

Cleaning your roof with a power washer can be an easy way to clear gutters and debris. A power washer can also remove shingles and granules easily. Choosing a professional to clear your roof can be a far better choice for preserving the longevity of your roofing systems.

Hanging Christmas Lights

Stapling or nailing up Christmas ornaments on your roof can damage roofing materials. Walking along your roof to install lights can also compromise the materials. Choosing mounting brackets with your gutters or hanging lights from windows or shrubs is a better option.

Installing New Vents and Skylights

If you are going to make a major modification to your roof, you should always use a Long beach roofing expert. Contacting a professional to install a skylight or roof ventilation is crucial to maintaining the rest of your roofing systems and making sure that everything stays sealed.

Blocked or Backed-Up Gutters

Considering the massive amount of leaves shed during fall, it is highly possible to have the leaves accumulating on the gutters and roof, causing blockages. This situation calls for roof repair services to clean the gutters for easy water flow on the roof and in the gutters.

Exposure to UV Light

As fall transits from summer, there is the risk of having the roofs exposed to strong UV light that could decrease the roof’s strength. The UV light could also make the roof lose its color, necessitating roof repairs or even the replacement of the entire roof.

Poor Installation and Maintenance

Roof repairs could be extremely necessary and frequent if the roof was installed poorly. Poor maintenance by the residents of the house could also warrant roof repairs during fall.

Damage by Moisture and Water

Moisture and water may find themselves in the roof shingles during fall and cause serious roof damage. The moisture and water may build up on the roof and weaken the stability of the roof deck requiring roof repairs and, sometimes, replacement.

Roof Flashing Failure

Roofs are flashed to protect them from leaks by diverting the water away from the most vulnerable parts of the roof. Poor installation, loose flashing, and wrinkled flashing are some of the ways that roof flashing can fail, making it necessary to have roof repairs during fall.

If you would like to learn more about roofing maintenance and repair packages, contact us as your roofing experts in Signal Hill.

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