Detecting a Leak in Your Roof and How to Repair It

August 7, 2019 at 2:09 pm

If you have started to notice water pooling around your roofing structure or even throughout your attic you may be wondering how you can actually detect the signs of water in your roof. As any roofing contractor in Long Beach will tell you, it’s not easy to determine the exact cause of a roof leak. What is important when you have started to notice the sign of a leak, is performing immediate repairs.

Hiring a licensed roofing expert is one of the best ways to make sure that the job gets done correctly. A licensed contractor in signal Hill or Long Beach will perform a full roof inspection to detect the signs of a roof leak and then they’ll perform repairs. Here are some of the top ways that a roofing contractor will detect a leak:

Getting into the attic: a good place to start is with the attic. A roofing contractor would may go into your attic with a flashlight for visibility and then check into your roof structure. Checking for cracks around your roof or areas where moisture could be coming from is a good place to begin.

Checking the roof: depending on the type of roof that you have a roofing contractor in Long Beach may then go up to your roof to check on your shingles or areas where your roof is uncovered. Determining areas were shingles have been removed or worn can help a contractor to determine where there is a need for repair.

Marking leaks: A roofing contractor will mark leaks as soon as they see them either with a chalk or some type of bright paint. Marking these leaks and then performing professional repairs will seal up your roof and make sure the roof leak repair is successful. When there are no spots missed, you could avoid potential structural damage to your roof or the chance that your entire roof may require replacement.

If you have noticed water inside your home contact a Signal Hill roofing contractor immediately.