Finding and Identifying Sun Damage on Your Roof

September 11, 2019 at 2:13 am

When purchasing a commercial property or residential property, it is essential to complete a full roof inspection with the help of a long beach roofing expert. An inspection on your own is beneficial but a signal hill roofing contractor can spot other signs of wear and tear.

While most people look towards the signs of structural damage or weather damage one of the most commonly overlooked factors with a roof is the condition of the roofing materials from sun damage. Most types of commercial roofing and residential roofing are designed to hold up against UV radiation. When the sun begins to damage your roof over time however you may start to notice some of these top signs for sun damage:

Discolored Roofing Materials

A discoloration in your roofing materials can occur when parts of your roof may be protected and other parts are regularly exposed to the sun. The shaded areas may not change color and the exposed areas can sometimes discolor which can change the wear pattern in your room.

Cracks on the Roof

Crackingis also common when roofing materials are regularly exposed to heat. Cracks can quite regularly cause rain to leak into the roofing materials which will often lead to a need for costly repairs.

Warps from Exposure

When roofing materials get exposed to moisture and heat at the same time they can often shrink and reshape. This can leave areas of your roof unprotected or subject of pooling water.

Leaks on the Roof

When roofing materials have the opportunity to dry out or get exposed to strong doses of sunlight, they can often see ongoing damage that leads to shingle materials falling away and more. From granules falling off to other areas of exposed roofing materials, leaks can be a real concern with sun damage.

If you would like a professional inspection followed by roof maintenance or repairs in Long Beach or Signal Hill contact our team today. We can make the process of a professional roofing inspection and repairs, easy for your needs.