How Summer Conditions Can Affect the Stability of Your Commercial Roof

June 13, 2019 at 3:19 am

One of the forces that can play forces that can plague the biggest impact on the stability of your commercial roof is the heat. If you live in Long Beach or Signal Hill and you’re a commercial business owner, having access to a proper roof repair specialist can make sure that you can be ready for anything with your business.

Older style roofing materials including dark roofs can absorb up to 90% of the solar energy from your roofing converted into heat. This leads to problems with the circulation systems inside your home and the chance that your heating and cooling system will have to work overtime.

Changing your commercial business to green roofing materials in Signal hill, can have an overwhelming impact on your business and the temperatures inside

Rooftop temperatures with a commercial roof in black roofing materials can sometimes reach between 140 to 190°F. This places an extra burden on the roofing materials for your commercial roof as well as on your internal cooling systems. A green roof with a vegetative surface or white surface scan rates between 90°F up to 120°F which will significantly drop the temperature even on the hottest day.

If you are in need of roof replacement or roof repairs, contacting a Long Beach roof repair specialist for your green roof can improve temperatures inside your building and lead to less wear and tear on your roofing materials.

The heat can be a considerable factor in your building temperature and with such a large surface area, your roof can be one of the greatest barriers that your business has to keeping your employees and your customers protected from UV radiation.

If you are seeking roof repair in Long Beach, contact our team today. We can connect you with contractors who work at installing green roof products that can lower the temperature throughout your commercial business. Contact us for a quote today.