How to Save Energy with Your Roofing Configuration

January 22, 2020 at 8:06 am

Your roof serves as one of the greatest barriers between you and the outside world. What many people fail to focus on when it comes to their roof construction and repairs is the amazing ways that a roof can save energy on your utility bills over time.

With the help of a Long Beach roof maintenance specialist, you could perform a range of maintenance tasks that could ensure your roof can experience improvements with energy savings. Here are some of the top energy savings maintenance tasks you can take on with your roofing:

Cool Roofing Coatings

Choosing cool roof coatings for a metal roof or flat roof and Long Beach and signal Hill can help to reduce the total amount of UV radiation that’s absorbed into your roof. These coatings work almost like sunscreen and they deflect excess heat away from your roof ensuring that you can spend less on your energy bills.

Improvements to Ventilation

Opening up your attic ventilation can help to prevent water damage and ensure that your home is easier to cool in the summer months. Speak to a roof maintenance professional to make sure that your ventilation is properly outfitted and that your roofing structure is well ventilated to prevent mold growth.

Solar System Installation

A solar system installation is one of the finest ways that you can save on energy and even generate new energy for your home. Choosing a solar system for your roof in Signal Hill or Long Beach could help you generate your own power which you can then sell back to the electrical grid.

Insulation Support

Installing a radiant barrier and new insulation inside your attic area can help to reduce your heating and cooling bills which can save you money on energy every month. Radiant barriers are sheets of aluminum that reflects sun and properly insulate your home.

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