What to Expect from Installing Clay Tile Roofs

October 31, 2019 at 1:47 am

If you are considering roof replacement in Cerritos, one of the options available to you is a tile roof. Tile roofing systems made of clay tiles can be one of the easiest systems to maintain in this climate. Clay tiles require very little maintenance and they can last for many years after their installation. A clay tile is also quite easy to manufacture. They are built using a series of clay and aggregates and then molded into rectangular shapes.

If you are thinking about installing clay tiles in Long Beach, here are some of the top advantages to using this type of tiling system:

Tile Roofs Offer Durability

A tile roof can last for up to 100 years especially installed in the climate of Cerritos. Clay and concrete tile roofs can withstand extremely high winds, fire and hail damage as well. Most manufacturers of these tiles can include up to a 50-year warranty.

Energy Efficiency and Environmentalism

Clay tiles can be an excellent choice for green roofing and they’re made up of earth minerals rather than a series of chemical components. The best part is that these elements can be recycled over time and removing the used tiles is environmentally friendly.

Low Maintenance

Clay tiles require a very small amount of maintenance and there’s often never a need for repairs because these tiles only really break with heavy impact.

Improves Curb Appeal

When you complete a roof replacement with tile roofing systems, you can protect against roof leaks as well as improve the curb appeal of your home. These tiles are widely considered some of the most in demand roofing materials for many new homeowners.

With any type of tile roof installation it remains crucial for you to make sure the installation process is completed by a professional. Working with a professional will make sure that your roofing can be completed with strong support and using the right methods for install.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are considering the option to install clay tile roofs throughout your property.