Is it Smart to Replace Shingles Before Winter?

December 31, 2019 at 11:13 pm

As soon as the weather starts turning colder each year it’s very important that you do a complete property inspection to make sure that structural items throughout your home are able to stand up to the winter. Assessing your roofing and getting any type of work done before the winter season is essential to maintaining your roofing structures. It could be tempting to wait till spring or until your budget allows, but weakened areas left exposed could quite easily lead to some unexpected surprises after the winter.

Replacing roofing shingles before winter can combat some of the following issues:

Prevention of further damage: Winter storms can often be extremely destructive to your roofing structure. Snowstorms can continue to beat down on your roof over time. Making sure that you can prevent serious damage to your roof can help to avoid emergency repairs in the middle of winter which can be costly.

Improving your energy bills:

Cold weather can really drive your energy costs up in the winter. Older shingles that no longer insulate well will require replacement or lead to weak points in your roof that will continue to cause heat to escape. Rather than paying more for your energy over the winter, quick fixes to your roof can help to prevent these extra expenses.

Leaks and damage:

Small leaks can become extremely large when water damage has the chance to freeze up and expand across the structures of your roof. Preventing leaks from growing in size and preventing structural damage to your roof, starts by replacing shingles before the cold weather hits.

Contact our experts today for roof replacement or roof maintenance leading up to the winter season. Our roofing contractors can perform a full assessment for your roofing repair and get you ready for winter.