Is Single Ply Roofing Repair Good for Punctured Membranes?

July 9, 2019 at 8:33 am

Single ply membrane roofing has been gaining a lot of popularity, particularly on the commercial market. This is because it provides numerous benefits. These include cost effective installation, performance, water resistance, and durability. However, single ply roofs have their problems and there are important details that one must know in order to repair those certain problems in the most efficient way possible.

Following are some common scenarios where you will need to repair your single ply roof:

Membrane Getting Punctured

Although single ply roofs are flexible and lightweight, the layers of membrane can be easily punctured. As single ply roofing does not have a hard-top layer to protect it from high volume of traffic, it is prone to getting punctured sooner rather than later. And when that happens, the damage could create holes in the insulation and rubber which could lead to leaks.


Although prevention is the best solution to this problem, if your single ply roof is punctured, you will need to hire a reputed roofing contractor to fix the issue. An experienced contractor will quickly repair the roof by cleaning the surrounding roof area, priming it with a bonding adhesive, cutting a piece of membrane which is larger than the puncture, and then using a hot-air gun or adhesive to bond the new piece of membrane onto the roof.

UV Rays Degrading the Adhesives

Even though adhesives can seal the seams of the membranes together and attach the membrane to the substrate, they are prone to degrading by the UV rays. If UV rays shine directly on the single ply roof, the adhesives can quickly degrade over time. And when that happens, the seams become vulnerable to leaks. Not to mention if there is already a tear, puncture, or other damage to the roof, the UV rays shining directly onto the adhesive layer can cause further damage with the adhesives degrading.


To prevent this issue from occurring, it is extremely important that the membrane sheets of the single ply roof are overlapping and blocking the adhesives from UV rays. You will need to hire experienced contractors during your single ply membrane roof installation so that this does not go unnoticed.


When single ply roof ages, exposure to harsh environmental conditions leads to issues such as leakage. You have many options when it comes to choosing the material for shielding and protecting the roof from such conditions.


To waterproof a single ply roof, it is recommended that you use ExpandoThane expanding spray as not only does it protect the roof from harsh environmental conditions, it is also thermal resistant and durable. With ExpandoThane, you can rest easy knowing that the leaks will be efficiently repaired as well as any loose and worn out areas will be properly sealed.

Single ply roofing has many benefits and with proper care, maintenance, and repairing methods, you can make sure that it lasts a long time, providing its unique advantages for years to come.