Mechanical Roof Damage and How to Detect It

September 5, 2019 at 5:31 am

Any home can fall subject to roofing damage if it is not regularly inspected by a Long Beach roof maintenance expert. Getting a regular roof inspection from a qualified inspection expert can help to make sure that you can understand current weakpoints with your roof. Roofing reports can occasionally come with a number of difficult terms associated with the reporting itself. Perhaps one of the worst terms to understand is the idea of mechanical damage.

What is mechanical damage?

Mechanical damage occurs when a roofing surface and the components associated with it are punctured or penetrated. These items can be damaged over time and in unnecessary format when a roof has time to age. Hailstorms and other events can often cause damage to a roof and this type of damage is not often covered under were in tea or insurance.

Mechanical damage examples:

Some of the top signs that you can watch for in terms of mechanical damage include marks from tools in the asphalt, damage to roofing material surrounding areas were maintenance has taken place, large patches of bare shingles where there are infrequent clusters of granules as well as damage around auxiliary components of the roof like your solar panels, AC unit or a satellite dish.

What causes mechanical roof damage?

Some of the causes of mechanical roof damage can often include inadequate maintenance on your roof or damage due to storms. Mechanical damage can often be inadvertent and it comes from having fasteners that are stuck out of the roof or roofing materials that may have been installed incorrectly. Roofing materials that were installed damaged by a roofing expert in Long Beach may also be the cause of this damage.

By working with a reputable contractor for your roof repairs in Signal Hill or Long Beach, you can make sure that your roof can be well protected and that your mechanical roof damage can be prevented.