Problems to Take Note of on a Roof Maintenance Checklist

August 29, 2019 at 5:34 am

A roof maintenance checklist can be one of the top tools that you can use in making sure that your roof is well-maintained. Periodic inspection of your roof can help to ensure that you can identify any of the problems that could arise in your roofing systems before they become an added expense. Here are some of the top five issues that can be detected using a roof maintenance checklist:

Deteriorating Caulk

Caulk and sealing around your roofing systems need to be regularly reinspected. If you are not able to regularly remove old caulking to check for signs of water damage, you could experience leaks and other mold. Improved seals can prevent the chance that moisture could make its way into your home.

Shingle Granules

If your shingle granules are moving over the surface of your lawn or across your roofing systems, it could be time for a complete shingle replacement. If there is a sign of massive granule loss this could point out a greater chance at water pooling and more.

Missing Shingles

Regular inspection can also help you point out missing shingles across your roof they can be dislodged or loosened. Wear and tear can play an affect on your roof but a missing or cracked shingle can compromise your roofing structure in the area where a shingle is missing.


The signs of rust and corrosion in failing capping and gutters can also lead to problems with water flow. Any misdirection of runoff could lead to the chance your roofing structure may fail.


Moss and mold growth across your roof needs to be properly tackled. If you are not able to regularly sweep it off with a broom is very important that you take a close look at your roofing systems and work at preventing damage by avoiding moss growth.

Keep some of these top roof maintenance items in mind for your roofing systems. Be sure to add these items to your checklist so that you can prevent damage to your roof.