Protecting Your Roof from Storm Damage During Spring

January 29, 2020 at 3:51 am

With Spring fast on its way, it is important to prepare for the change in temperature and the effects that it can have on your roofing materials. When the weather heats up quickly in spring, water and weather events can often lead to floods throughout your property. Weather events can often wreak havoc on your roofing systems if you do not prepare for them appropriately. As roofing professionals, we can outline a number of ways that you can avoid damage to your home and to the structural integrity of your roof. Here are some strategies for roof maintenance from our team in Long Beach and Cerritos:

Check for Areas where Water Can Get In

Properly sealing your roof is one of the biggest areas where you can prepare for the spring. Sealing in areas where there is cracked or peeling caulk or areas where shingles have come loose can be important. If you have experienced a variety of stormy weather, you can make sure that a full inspection of your roof can take place and that these items can be properly installed to protect your roof for the future.

Gutter Maintenance

The areas where water typically collects across your roof can be in your gutters. Making sure that your gutters are cleaned out in the fall as well as in the spring can make sure that your roof will have proper drainage. Clearing debris out of your gutters can make sure that your home can be well protected with the increased water flow of the spring.

Check for Debris Areas

In order to prevent roof repair, it’s important to seek out areas where objects could fall onto your roof. Taking a look at some areas where there could be falling branches or other debris and then trimming some of these branches away can be important to preventing further damage.

If you would like to learn more about roof maintenance with springtime coming up, make sure to speak to our experts in Long Beach and Cerritos today.