Roof Shrinkage and What to Do About It

October 3, 2019 at 2:06 am

If you are a resident of Signal Hill and a property owner, it is very likely that you remain concerned about the process of managing your roofing systems. As your roof is one of the most crucial aspects of your home, proper roof replacement can save you money and time. A concept that you may have heard of in Long Beach is the idea of roof shrinkage. This is a conflict that can affect certain types of roofs.

Roof shrinkage affects synthetic rubber membranes across roofing structures at its most commonly found in EP DM or ethylene propylene diene monomer roofs. Even though these types of roofing structures are widely considered to be stronger compared to other types of rubbers they can naturally shrink over time.

EPDM protects the vulnerable underside of roofing materials and when these materials start to shrink back this can cause fragile materials on your roof to get exposed to snow, rain and the sun.

Some of the most common factors of roof shrinkage in Signal Hill include:

Improper Construction

When a roofing structure is applied incorrectly this can reduce the lifespan and cause more shrinkage.

Faulty Roof Designs

EPDM roofs can continue to shrink if there is not proper drainage. Fixing drainage issues across a roof can help to preserve longevity.

Manufacturing Error

Occasionally, the rubber materials will reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of the materials overall.

In order to prevent roof shrinkage you should consider receiving regular inspections on your roof. A regular roofing inspection in Long Beach can observe the membrane-based roofing system and see where its seams are starting so that they can be properly patched. Regular inspection after major storm damage or when the first signs of separation are observed is important to maintaining your roofing structure for the future.

If you think your roof may be experiencing roof shrinkage, contact our professional roofing team in Long Beach today.