Solutions to Addressing Roof Drainage Problems

June 19, 2019 at 5:27 am

The last thing any homeowner would want is to live in a house whose roof leaks. Roof drainage problems are quite common, regardless of where you live. You need to employ the right solutions during your roof repair to ensure that the issue doesn’t arise again. Here is how a quality roof repair service will address the issue.

Begin by Identifying the Issue

Roof drainage problems can arise due to a number of reasons. For instance, if a given roof is not sloped correctly, all the water on the roof won’t reach the gutter and instead accumulate on its eaves. Another common reason which causes the problem is the improper installation of the saddles that help in diverting the water to the drains of the house. Similar problems may persist, which eventually causes a roof to leak.

Get a Re-roofing Strategy in Place

Once you have identified the cause of the problem, the next step is to develop a sound strategy to fix it. One thing is for sure to fix the drainage problem, you will need to re-roof. But, exactly how you do so will vary according to the reason. For example, if the roof slope is the problem, you can choose to cut broad sections of the roof as well as cut eaves and then use tapered insulation to get a proper angle. This will help direct the water to the gutters, thereby solving the issue. For additional security, you might also want to consider getting an oversized gutter to ensure that the water falls in the gutter and not someplace else.

Work Together

There are various parties involved when fixing roof damage on a house. You need a roof repairing service, a renovation contractor, and an architect. To best solve the issue, it is essential that each of these parties are on the same page. For instance, a situation might arise when a change proposed by the architect can negatively affect the roofing system of the house. Here, it is essential to talk to the architect, explain your concerns and find a middle ground. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is the satisfaction of the client, and each party must work together to realize this goal.

Review Warranties

Different roofs have different warranties. For instance. While the shingle roof features a lifetime warranty, a TPO roof has a 20-year warranty. Getting a professional on the job ensures that you get the best material. Moreover, some may even use a combination of different roofing materials to best ensure quality. This is why to solve a drainage issue with the roof; the best solution is to hire diligent and experienced roofing contractors.

Your house is your sanctuary. And your roof protects it from harm. Whenever your roof needs repair, make sure you find the best contractors to do the job. The beauty, as well as the functionality of your house, depends on it.