The Causes of Leaks on a New Roof

September 26, 2019 at 3:07 am

Roof leaks in Signal Hill can be extremely difficult to deal with especially if you have already paid for roofing repairs. As a roofing system is one of the most crucial aspects of your home fixing roof leaks very quickly can limit structural damage.

As a roof can be an extremely intricate system, having a professional work on your roofing repairs can help to maintain your roof for the future. There are a number of causes for leaks in a roof that a professional can identify. Here are some of the main causes for concern that any roofer will check on a roof that has just received repairs but remains leaking:

Poor Work Quality

Roofing in Long Beach can be an intricate and difficult process and new roofing installations that leaks are often as a result of a failure in workmanship. Understanding the reasons why a roof may continue leaking takes careful inspection of the work that was done before.


If a major storm has occurred with wind and extreme rains it’s possible that your roofing system is not able to withstand the extra stress. Even a perfectly installed roofing system can face difficulty when it’s tested by the weather. A roofing contractor can fix up damage caused by weather related events.

Objects or People Resting on Roofs

Your roof is not designed as a storage area or for people to walk on. If you got a number of people standing on your roof or you are storing extra shingles on your roof after installation, this can cause stress areas that will eventually cause your roof to leak. Foot traffic and extra items on your roof can lead to some of your shingle granules being torn away, giving an optimal space for leaks.

Keep some of these top causes in mind for leaks in your roof throughout Signal Hill.