When is Roof Cleaning Most Appropriate for your Home?

August 2, 2019 at 2:18 am

Cleaning your roof remains an essential roof maintenance task but many people find that they don’t have the time to take on this task regularly. Regular roof cleaning in Long Beach should take place once every 2 to 3 years but inspection on your shingles can also help to prevent damage and reduce your risk of a need for major repairs in the future. Here are some top signs that it could be time for you to look into professional roof cleaning:

Debris on Your Roof

When loose debris collects on top of your roof after a storm or after light damage to your roof it can often cause build up on your shingles. When you start to get stains on your shingles this can lead to tears and damage to the structure of your roof. Making sure that you can complete a cleaning as soon as the debris is noticed while to make sure that you can avoid other major repairs inside your home.

Full Gutters

When your gutters are full and beginning to spill out with extra water this can often lead to the chance that your roof could spring a leak or experience more damage. Be sure to clean out your gutters at least once a year so that you can get the proper drainage from your roof without risking your shingles.

Bugs throughout the Roof

Pest infestations can cause damage to your roof or the chance that a number of insects may grow larva and more throughout your property. Regular cleaning can help to remove the signs of insects and make sure that you can avoid infestations.

Roof Discoloration

If you have noticed your roof starting to discolor in Long Beach it’s a good idea to get roof cleaning so that you can keep your roof looking its best while maximizing water drainage. Roof discoloration can point to signs of mold which can eat away at your roofing materials or cause water to pool.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for the nature of your roof cleaning and why it is required for your home.